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Exploring Carpet Styles


Not all materials are alike.
What to consider when selecting
The Perfect Carpet


We offer a variety of carpet styles; each one is unique in its style, function and feel. Look for the simple icons on our product pages when shopping for your new carpet. You can learn more here about the features and benefits.

Berber Carpets

Loop (berber)

Loop pile does not have exposed tips (unlike cut pile), it is particularly durable. Berber is a suitable choice for high-traffic areas, such as family rooms, hallways, and staircases.

Cut and Loop Carpets

Pattern (cut and loop)

Cut-and-loop pile or cut-pile carpet provides a stylish finish with a soft, smooth feel and a range of distinctive patterns created by a combination of level loop and cut pile. Its textured surface can disguise marks and stains; this material is another excellent choice for children's rooms or other high-traffic spaces.

Plush Carpets


Pile is cut to a smooth, level height. Plush carpet is extremely comfortable underfoot, making it cozy for bedroom floors. The carpet's look, texture, and durability are determined by its fibers. This material can be found in a variety of natural, synthetic, or blends.

Cut Pile Texture Carpets


When the loops are cut, you produce a cut pile carpet. Cut-pile carpet is a popular style offering an upright finish.

Twist & Frieze Carpet style

Twist (frieze/shag)

Frieze is a cut-pile carpet with twisted yarns and a crimped, textured appearance. The twisted strands of a frieze carpet hide footprints and vacuum marks well, and the tousled look complements an informal room. Shag has long pile that doesn't stand upright, giving it a ”shaggy" look. Today's shags come in designer colors and have an inviting feel.

Woven Carpets


Commonly found with Sisal and grass materials. Woven carpet is created on looms by interlacing yarns.

Why buy Carpeting online? Learn more

Our business model is simple to understand. We want to be an enjoyable alternative to traditional carpet showrooms


Our lower e-commerce cost structure gives us a competitive price advantage.


At the end of the day, the savings are passed on to you, the consumer. It’s the smart and simple way to shop.


We are excited to share a new and simple way to purchase carpet online, offering an enjoyable and cost saving alternative to traditional carpet showrooms.

We handle the details for you

We handle the details for you!

From start to finish our team is here to help, providing access to full service measure and install services. We will work directly with the reviewed installers to complete your custom in-home estimate. Need design help? We can help! Simply schedule a complimentary design consultation.

A better business model to save you money

A better business model to save you money

Our business model is simple to understand. Our lower e-commerce cost structure gives us a competitive price advantage. You contract directly with the installation company saving you money that traditional flooring retailers charge for installation services. At the end of the day the savings are passed on to you, the consumer. It’s the smart simple way to shop

We review the installation professionals

We review the installation professionals.

You’re in good hands. We have carefully reviewed the experienced installers, ensuring they have the proper licensing & insurance and of course have provided positive customer experiences.


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