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Why and How to Carpet Your Stairs

Wondering if you should install carpet for the stairs? Below are four important considerations when deciding if a carpet is the best option for your stairway:

1. A Carpet runner will quiet a noisy stairwell

If you’ve creaky wood floors, especially the stairs, skip refinishing the stairwell and carpet instead. This will cut the noise and offer a clean new look to enhance the rest of your newly refinished wood floors. Not only that, carpeting costs are often a fraction of what you’d pay for putting in all new wood stair flooring.

2. A good carpet material can help avoid serious falls

Though carpeting cannot alleviate stairway falls, it can help with better traction and more cushion on the stairs. Consider a synthetic low pile plush carpet. This will offer more secure footing, especially if less than three quarters thick.

3. A strong stain resistant carpet is ideal for heavy stair traffic

Have a large family, lots of kids, or simply use your stairs to get to most rooms in the home? In this case you’ll want a durable and stain resistant carpet that will stand up to heavy foot traffic. Among some of the best options are Stainmaster nylon carpets .

4. Many options for carpet color, pattern and style

With busy stair use, look for deeper neutral carpet colors, like taupe and shades of grey. Within the framework of these colors, choosing a pattern carpet can add texture and dimension to match your style.

Next, how do you want your carpet installed on the stairs? There are two types of installation to consider, each with different style options.

1. Wall to Wall Carpet Install

Carpet that fully covers the stairway is called wall to wall, just like a wall to wall carpeted room. To styles or methods can be used for this type of installation.

Hollywood style Wall to Wall Install

The Hollywood or French Cap method provides a clean and professional finish. Though time consuming, this method has the most polished look. This type install involves wrapping the carpet around the edge of the tread, contouring the nosing to meet the riser, then coming straight down the riser.

Waterfall style Wall to Wall Install

If the Hollywood style seems too complicated or the carpet is particularly thick, the waterfall method is a good alternative. To install this style, the carpet is attached to the edge of the tread and then drops down to meet the back of the next stair tread without adhering it to the riser. Though definitely easier, this method may not offer as clean a look as the French Cap style.

2. Carpet Runner Install

Stair runner carpeting is a great choice to show off and accent beautiful hardwood underneath. Here too, Hollywood and Waterfall styles can be used, with a choice to surge or bind on either method.

Hollywood style Runner Install

Hollywood style for runners gives your staircase a sophisticated look that works well with both a traditional and modern style. that blends well with modern and transitional decor. Solids and small pattern materials often create the best custom feel using this install.

Waterfall style Runner Install

Traditionally, installing carpet on stairs was done using the waterfall style whereby the carpet Is brought directly over the stair edge and drapes down the riser without adhering to the riser. This install offers a natural flowing appearance. This technique is particularly desirable when the carpet material is a thicker pile and with large patterns that repeat.

Waterfall install is also a good choice when using decorative stair rods to mimic a more historical carpeting style for stairs.

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