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Natural Color Carpets

Tiki Pale Ash Carpet, 100% Sisal

Tiki Pale Ash Carpet

$3.98/sq. ft.
Made of 100% Sisal
Meroe Sandstone Carpet, 100% Sisal
$7.23/sq. ft.
Made of 100% Sisal
Meroe Oat Straw Carpet, 100% Sisal
$7.23/sq. ft.
Made of 100% Sisal

Natural Carpets

A natural carpet color is a great way to freshen up your room as it will compliment what's already there with a whole new look and feel. The Perfect Carpet offers a selection of beautiful 100% Sisal natural color carpets that are sure to wow you.These natural fiber carpets are soft, durable, and stand up to high traffic use as well. And you'll love our prices!
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